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Can't say I love Bill Barr making an unannounced trip to Rome, during which trip no one knows who he's meeting with (but doesn't appear to be meeting with anyone you'd expect), at a time when one of the top two suspects in the Trump-Russia scandal (on the Russian side) is in Rome

1/ Shades of Rybolovlev's plane being in south Florida on the day in December 2017 when a journalist says that (per an Epstein representative) Trump met with Epstein at his house. Who knows what it means, but why is this man's plane always in places it doesn't belong on key days?

2/ Remember, the reason folks started tracking this man's plane is not only because he's an "ex"-boss of the Israeli man (Zamel) who says he ran a disinfo campaign to aid Trump in 2016, but because media reports his plane "met" Trump's *twice* in the ten days before Election Day.

3/ So there's a long and very richly reported history of one of the top two suspects in the whole Trump-Russia scandal (the other is Deripaska) having his plane be in places it shouldn't be at times that Trump or his associates are in places *they* have no apparent reason to be.

4/ No one's claiming, "Oh—we know what's happening here." What people are saying is the chances of these coincidences would seem to be *very* low and no one anywhere appears to be investigating them, unless it's the FBI Counterintelligence Division and they're not telling anyone.

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