Stephen Wolf @PoliticsWolf @DKElections staff writer covering voting rights, gerrymandering, maps, & poli sci. Get the Voting Rights Roundup weekly newsletter Sep. 28, 2019 1 min read

Democrats sued to strike down North Carolina Republicans' extreme congressional gerrymander yesterday. These three maps show just how effectively gerrymandering can swing election outcomes in states such as North Carolina  #NCpol #NCGA

NEW: Results of North Carolina's 2018 statewide elections by congressional district. Despite winning every race, only the Dems who faced two Rs & won by landslide margins carried more than 3 of 13 districts. GOP gerrymander makes the median seat margin 10% redder than NC overall

This is the extreme Republican congressional gerrymander that Democrats just filed a lawsuit over yesterday in state court. There's a good chance they'll prevail #NCpol #NCGA 

Here's how a nonpartisan North Carolina congressional map could look. Democrats would have two more safe districts for 5 of 13 total, & 3 more red-leaning districts would be competitive. The median district margin is just 4% redder than the state on average #NCpol #NCGA

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