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As described in detail in PROOF OF CONSPIRACY.

PROOF OF CONSPIRACY has 4,330 citations, so if it's anything involving Trump and Russia (or Saudi Arabia or Israel) and any of Trump's aides, allies, or associates, it's probably somewhere in the 600 pages of PROOF OF CONSPIRACY.

1/ I get why it doesn't happen—as even in a national emergency, there's a competition for eyeballs—but if those covering Trump-Russia, Trump-Ukraine, Trump-Israel, Trump-Saudi Arabia, and Trump-UAE would tell folks to read PROOF OF CONSPIRACY, we'd have fewer belated revelations.

2/ And it's not a matter of credit. In the book I credit literally *thousands* of journalists for their incredible investigative reporting. My only hope is that the national dialogue we're having be moved forward significantly by most folks having read at least one book about it.

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