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I trained a neural net to come up with new #Inktober prompts and they're, well they're prompts

I have definitely not seen most of these before

More on the training process:  https://aiweirdness.com/post/187962817292/ainktober-a-neural-net-creates-drawing-prompts 


My publishers @voraciousbooks and @headlinepg are giving away a couple of advance copies of my book to a few people a week who tag their drawings with #AInktober (US, UK, & Canada)

I'll be picking them according to *handwaves* criteria

More on the book:  https://www.janelleshane.com/book-you-look-like-a-thing 

I had trouble getting the neural net (especially the high-temperature one) to generate reasonably short prompts. Here are some of the #AInktober prompts it tried to suggest:

Container Room Spider cyclone!

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