Joshua Wong 黃之鋒😷 @joshuawongcf Activist from Hong Kong. Secretary General of @demosisto. Email: [email protected] Donation: Sep. 29, 2019 1 min read

[Never trust on the misleading statement from HKGov]

1. At first glance, the government's statement is clearly cooling down the tone yesterday, compared to the series of strong statements, which merely condemning protestors, in the past three months.

2. However, five years on, the govt is still determined to stick to the 831 Decision (''relevant Interpretation and Decisions of NPCSC''). I'm furious to read that the Gov't has no intention to address to people's demand for free election.

3. Despite softened tone, It's definitely NOT a de-escalation attempt. As water cannons and riot police are mobilising at the same time the statement is published (Frankly I see no reason the police forcefully calls off a lawful assembly).

4. I believe that on Oct 1, people will take to street again to demonstrate our determination to call for the Five Demands.

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