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Glad she’s saying it now, and I sincerely wish she hadn’t spent 9 months prior saying literally the exact opposite.

I remember those who said so from the start. Those are our leaders.

Golly I wonder if the Speaker is now saying the things that "leftist Twitter" has been saying since before she took the gavel, and I wonder there were elected Dems saying the same, and I wonder if that means they were right and we should listen to them.

We should have leaders.

We have followers with a leader's power.

You can tell who the actual leaders are. They're the ones out ahead on the issues. Leading.

You can tell if those with a leader's power are actually followers, because then they try to slow down the real leaders.

Maybe I'm wrong about this.

But I don't know, if I was wrong about it ... I feel like it wouldn't be happening.

Anyway, I'm glad Pelosi is finally making the case that needs to be made. I really am. And good for her.

But I know who the leaders are.

She's still following.

This is all so fucked up and wrong and dangerous.

Everything that Trump did prior to the Ukraine scandal is apparently just something that presidents can do.

Is that acceptable to you?

It's not to me.

We need our actual leaders to have a leader's structural power.

No more followers with a leader's power.

Speaker @RepMaxineWaters has a ring to it.

A few people who have been out in front leading. It may or may not be a list of your favorites (at least one of these I'd never vote for), but be honest about it:


That's an incomplete list. Feel free to add your own names.

It's people who didn't wait until it was politically inevitable to support doing the right thing, but spoke up first, despite the promise of reprisal and consequence.

Who showed a moral compass.

Who demonstrated bravery.

Who led.

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