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I can't say how happy this article makes me. Years ago I asked a friend, "If the universe is expanding, what is it expanding *into*? If the laws of physics apply here, isn't it possible—or even definitionally the case—that they don't apply in any space the universe is not (yet)?"

(The thinking being that, if the laws of physics are how we identify the universe as the "universe," if our universe were to be expanding into a space where the laws of physics *also* apply, how would that space be in any sense distinguishable from the universe then entering it?)

(A further question being, if the Big Bang created our universe and is the reason our universe is still expanding, why would it not also be the case that a Big Bang created the universe "next" to ours and that that universe is also expanding... into ours? I've so many questions.)

(I'll be candid and say one of the reasons the multiverse idea has been interesting to me over the last 3+ years is that if there's such a thing I have to think we're in one of the sh*tty versions of reality, which makes me pissed at how many billions of realities escaped Trump)

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