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Trump's chief challenger in the GOP primary says he committed Treason.

That's unclear—but *if* cyberwar waged by a foreign nation to interfere with a U.S. election is "war," then yes, Trump committed Treason. He knew the favor he asked Ukraine would be used to interfere in 2020.

1/ Trump traded US military aid *intended to combat a geopolitical enemy of the US currently invading Europe*—Russia—in exchange for cyberwar by *another* nation (Ukraine) intended to interfere in the 2020 election. So that raises at least the *specter* of Treason on *both* ends.

2/ In other words, Mueller may have had it backwards: he said illegal solicitation of foreign campaign donations in the form of opposition research—as part of a cyberwar campaign against the US—might not fall under the illegal solicitation statute. That may be because it's worse.

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