Rebecca J. Kavanagh @DrRJKavanagh @theappeal Media Relations Director, NYC Public Defender, Writer, @nyulaw, @sydneylawschool, @sydney_uni. Sydney ✈️ NYC. Views my own. Sep. 29, 2019 1 min read

You know, it says a lot that even after all of this, no one in the police department or the mayor is calling for the police officer's arrest record to be examined. Is anyone considering that maybe the city commissioner was right? 

Mr. Gelin was arrested for filming the arrest of police officers arresting someone else. He was then charged with resisting arrest.

If you're a public defender, all of these things scream wrongful arrest.

But hey, you don't have to be a criminal defense attorney to see it, the prosecutors dismissed the charges after they saw the video on his cell phone.

And the Broward County Sheriff's Department? You mean the one where three sheriff's deputies slammed a Black child's head into the concrete and then charged him with assault? 

There is so much power in that moment when Commissioner Gelin takes that microphone.

But that cop is still on the streets with a badge and a gun. And as much love as is being show Commissioner Gelin right now, you don't think the cop is getting a ton of fan mail?

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