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1. Atlantic Council sponsored Adam Schiff staffers trip to Ukraine.
Hunter Biden served on the board of American lobbying and public relations firm, Blue Star Strategies, run by Sally Painter & Karen Tramontano, who served in Bill Clinton’s administration.

2. Sally Painter Karen Tramontano of Blue Star and Dmitri Alperovitch of Crowdstrike (yes, crowdstrike) are all Board members of Atlantic Council
which gets its funding from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation
Atlantic Council honored Hillary Clinton for her leadership.

3. I connected Hunter Biden, Ukraine, Blue Star, Crowdstrike and the Atlantic Council in a thread a few days ago.
These are relationships deliberately engineered to be exquisitely circuitous and difficult to decipher or link.

4. The same Atlantic Council that performs the role of being a veritable spinal cord connecting Hillary, Soros, the Biden family, Blue Star and Crowdstrike (the only company to have examined DNC server) also funded Adam Schiff's emissary's trip to Ukraine.

5. The question is: was Chris Murphy's Trip to Ukraine also sponsored by Soros funded institutions?
Like Adam Schiff, his story seems to change on a regular basis and he trafficks in more fiction than reality.

6. Murphy is knows the Atlantic Council. "Sen. Murphy questioned Mr. Ian Brzezinski, Fellow at Atlantic Council, and Dr. Karen Donfried, President of German National Fund, at a U.S. Foreign Relations hearing on NATO on the importance of the strategic partnership"

7. Marc Elias, the DNC lawyer now infamous for Perkins Coie's facilitation of the Trump Russia dossier via DNC, Fusion GPS and Glenn Simpson is connected to George Soros's open society via the PAC Priorities USA.

8. I wrote about George Soros, his life, connections and Open Society some time ago.
I have no recollection whatsoever of predicting in that thread that Adam Schiff was somehow involved with Open Society. But it wasn't a far-fetched hypothesis even then.

9. Adam Schiff was previously financially aided by the George Soros-financed MoveOn to win his Congressional seat.
Schiff was awarded the Toll Fellowship, sponsored by the Council of State Governments, a nonprofit heavily financed by Soros’s Open Society Foundations.

10. Just two weeks ago members of the Atlantic Council Eurasia Center, the group that sponsored Adam Schiff staffers travel to Ukraine, met with many Ukrainian businessman including the head of Burisima. Yes, Hunter Biden's Burisima.
You may recall Rinat Akhmetov from Nellie Ohr

11. Hunter Biden, the son of then-US vice president Joe Biden, was appointed to the board of Burisma Holdings on
18 April 2014. He left the company in April 2019. One of the other board members was Devon Archer, a former senior adviser to John Kerry 2004 presidential campaign.

12. Which brings us back a full circle to Joe Biden, Ukraine and Hunter Biden.
The Circle of Filth consists of endless concentric circles and these circles. Intersect with other Circles of Filth, each with their own concentric circles within.

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