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CRITICAL ANALYSIS in SLATE: Major Washington Post Report This Weekend Reveals Trump Administration May Have Hidden Key Document Proving Collusion From Special Counsel Mueller—And May Have Committed a Federal Felony to Do So 

1/ I've been harping for 5 months on the part of Vol. 1 of the Mueller Report that reveals that—in the view of Mueller and his team—*numerous* Trump witnesses lied, withheld evidence, destroyed evidence, or refused to be interviewed. Now those chickens are *coming home to roost*.

2/ Not many people realize that Mueller made clear, *in his report*, that there was a concerted effort by both Trump and Trump witnesses to keep him from finding evidence that would establish a conspiracy with Russia. This week we learned one of the key pieces of hidden evidence.

3/ The reason we delayed release of PROOF OF CONSPIRACY 2 weeks to complete a chapter on the Mueller Report and cite it throughout—making PROOF OF CONSPIRACY the first book to offer full analysis of the Report—is we knew there were 5-alarm fires in it that no one was discussing.

4/ In short, the reason that the Mueller Report could only say that based on the *available* evidence proof of conspiracy could not be established beyond a reasonable doubt—the law's highest standard—is because it was also alleging a *cover-up* involving Trump's team *and* Trump.

5/ The harrowing events of this week *should* be sending all America back to the Mueller Report—now that we have *specific, articulable proof* that work on Volume 1 (Conspiracy) indeed *was* deliberately hindered and obstructed by knowingly *criminal* acts by Trump's White House.

6/ Think of it: the same man who told America, post-Mueller Report, "no obstruction, no collusion" *knew* that his team had feloniously hidden from the Special Counsel evidence that in May 2017 he *directly told Kremlin agents he didn't care if they attacked America's elections*.

7/ Do you think evidence from May '17 that Trump *directly told Kremlin agents he didn't care if they attacked America's elections* was relevant to Mueller's investigation into whether Trump and Kremlin agents agreed the Kremlin would be allowed to attack America? BOY, I SURE DO.

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