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He’s always been talking about civil war. That’s the promise of MAGA. The last A is for “again.”

They don’t rally around confederate generals by accident.

Civil war has always been the promise. He’s threatened to have the national guard occupy Chicago.

He’ll order police and military and militias to murder Americans. He’s planning to.

Just this year he threatened civil war. Remember this?

He should be arrested for sedition. He won’t be, but he should be.

He’s anti-American. He’s an elected American president who threatens America with war against America.

He’s the first Confederate President of the United States.

Congrats, Republicans. Your legacy is secure.

They aren't being subtle. They're just saying it.

You want to hear about civil war? Have a gun control tweet go viral. They'll tell you.

They want the guns for a reason. "We must secure the existence ..." and the rest of it.

They want civil war. They want genocide and slavery.

It's the promise of MAGA.

It's what they cheer.

Trump gives all that a voice. He's perfectly willing to use it as a tool

The President of the United States represents the single greatest threat to the security of the United States.

He should be arrested for sedition this morning.

Call your Republican reps. Ask them why they continue to support a president who threatens war against the United States.

Insist they back impeachment and removal of the single greatest threat to the security of the country: the leader they've enabled.

Then demand they resign.

Oh and @jack and @biz and the rest of you: I'm sure losing him and all the traffic he brings would be disastrous for the platform but he's using it to foment Civil War.

It's time to take one for the team.

Do the right thing.

Permanently suspend the president's account.

And @TwitterSupport permanently suspend the Oathkeeper account, and all far right accounts that foment civil war.

We also need military and police reform. A full background check on all members of the military and all police forces for ties to white supremacy and far right nationalist groups, with a zero tolerance policy and immediate permanent dismissal.

Remember: the only way to remember history is to erect statues honoring history's monsters, in a deliberate strategy to terrorize marginalized people.

An abuser couches his threats as warnings.

This guy would be all to happy to repeat history.

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