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Am behind on the checkm8 news cycle, but it is an exciting development that will revitalize some of the jailbreak ecosystem & its tooling. Every A5-A11 device (including iPhone X) is free game now. It substantively flattened the playing field & modernized the ecosystem.

As we saw w/ the recent iOS exploits (likely PLA origin) that targeted Uighurs in the wild, unnoticed, for yrs, those w/ resources have a backlog of tools, exploits, & target knowledge waiting to be deployed. Checkm8 gives more oxygen, a runway, for the nicer guys to learn too.

Here's a good interview that eloquently explains what this jailbreak is and is not:  https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/09/developer-of-checkm8-explains-why-idevice-jailbreak-exploit-is-a-game-changer/ 

This new jailbreak reinvigoration really will accelerate mobile security, at a time when the mobile crypto wallets are around the corner. We're going to see a lot of hacks and stolen coins — but we'll learn a lot from them too.

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