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We’re at the Philadelphia 76ers Media Day! 🔔

The @sixers are answering your questions...ask them anything by using #SixersMediaDay

Q: This is for Horford, whats it like playing with Joel Embiid after watching him from afar all these years? #SixersMediaDay
- @GazetteSixers

A: 🔊 @Al_Horford

Q: What are your priorities heading into the 19-20 NBA Season? #SixersMediaDay @sixers
- @YungEmbiid

A: 🔊 @RaulTogni

Q: Go to Cheesesteak spot???#SixersMediaDay
- @LucasKohli

A: 🔊 @tobias31 @BenSimmons25 @ChristianCrosby

Q: josh richardson what are your expectations goal wise, for the team and you this season? #SixersMediaDay
- @SimmonsForThree

A: 🔊 @J_Rich1

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