Brian Armstrong @brian_armstrong Co-founder & CEO at @Coinbase Co-founder @GiveCrypto Building an open financial system for the world. Join us: Sep. 30, 2019 1 min read

Great to see the crypto industry come together to create clarity about which crypto assets are securities and which are not. This is a complex topic with many factors, so a rating system really helps here. 

Also, demonstrates our commitment to creating a safe/trusted/regulated industry in this space, which I think is important for adoption. The U.S. (and every country really) should be striving to be the center of crypto innovation. This is what the internet was in 1995.

It may look like a small thing today, but it will be a huge source of economic growth, and job creation, in the decade to come.

Countries that seek to restrict this area of innovation will look like financial backwaters in a decade, as a greater % of the economy moves online, using internet native payments. Or worse, they'll look oppressive, like China filtering the internet.

Excited we were able to generate buy in here for some forward progress. Hopefully this helps create a business friendly environment, with a level playing field for every company, that is safe for customers.

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