Joshua Wong 黃之鋒😷 @joshuawongcf Activist from Hong Kong. Secretary General of @demosisto. Email: [email protected] Donation: Oct. 01, 2019 1 min read


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1. Hong Kong’s Today; The World’s Tomorrow? The Chinese Communist Party is tearing Hong Kong apart. If we fall, who will be the next?

2. Despite HK’s promised self-governance, Beijing is de facto running the city. CCP has long been infiltrating HK’s political & business sectors. Compromises HKers’ autonomy, undermines our institutions & erodes our freedom. HKGov is nothing more than Beijing’s obedient puppet.

3. HK is a world-class financial hub hosting headquarters of numerous multinational corporations. China uses HK’s free market to its advantage to infiltrate businesses and fund its authoritarian regime.

4. In this alleged international free port, corporations bend their knees to Beijing’s intimidation & intervention, CEO’s involuntarily become part of the masterplan to save China’s face. HK’s market is no longer as free as it was - Beijing is now pulling strings behind.

5. Using Hong Kong as a stepping stone, China is waving its claws at the free world to step up its oppression.
We, Hongkongers, are fighting not only for ourselves, but also for you and your country to safeguard the core values of the free world.

6. Since 1997, millions of us have braved the Chinese terror and fought hard for our rights and freedoms. At the brink of this new Cold War, JOIN US BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. Join us in our fight against authoritarianism.

7. We sincerely urge you to:
- Share the story of our fight against authoritarianism.
- Reconsider your gov’s Chi-related policies and Chinese business involvement
- Call on your gov to exert diplomatic pressure on Beijing to fulfill our 5 demands.

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