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(Thread) Destroying the Deep State

Actually, @popehat, I think it's more sinister than that.

Trump campaigned on a promise to destroy the “deep state."  https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/03/deep-state-federal-bureaucracy-trump-campaign/ 
Deep state=Intelligence and regulatory agencies.

Part of this is to get the results Trump wants. . .

1/ Trump wants to undermine the findings in the Mueller Report.

He also wants undermine factuality by persuading enough people that Ukraine hacked the DNC server.

Undermining truth and factuality (controlling the narrative) is what would-be totalitarian leaders do.

2/ George Orwell taught us that.

Here we have the AG making undisclosed trips asking foreign intel services to help "investigate" U.S. intel services. ⤵️

What what a diabolically effective way to destroy the Deep State.

3/ Remember in 1980, Libertarian Party VP candidate, David Koch advocated abolishing (among other things) the FBI, CIA, and IRS.

They want to get rid of those agencies.
You can dismantle them slowly.

Or you can bring in a human wrecking ball.

4/ Trump is a human wrecking ball.
He has recruited Barr and Guiliani to help with the destruction.

Why do they want to destroy federal regulatory and investigative agencies?

Because those agencies curtail their "personal liberty."

5/ MAGA means take us back to the days when (white) men had much "personal liberty"
💠They could grab women⤵️

💠They could grab land (the frontier!)
💠Before regulatory agencies they could manipulate markets, fix prices, launder money, and pollute rivers

6/ 🎶Those were the days🎶

To get back to those days, have to dismantle the FBI, the SEC—all the regulatory agencies.

This morning I wrote about the Trump-FOX-GOP love affair ⤵️

Here's another thing Russia has in common with the Trump-FOX-GOP . . .

7/ Russia also wants to destroy American regulatory and intelligence agencies!

These shared goals are why the Fox-GOP was fine with Russia's attack in 2016.

We were all concerned when Barr and Trump and the GOP kept talking about investigating the investigators.

8/ It never occurred to me that they'd try something as outrageous as recruiting foreign governments to help them undermine American intelligence agencies.

But they did it, and they got caught, and I think the Trump presidency is unraveling.


It's just starting. The hearings will begin soon, and others will decide.

The battle will be over control of the narrative. Trump will try to regain control, the way he did with the Mueller report. He'll try to normalize what he did.

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