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Over the past two weeks, one crossing guard and one eight-year-old have been hit and killed by cars at two different Southern California schools.

Mowed down in front of hundreds of young children walking to school.

No charges filed.

Both drivers said the sun was in their eyes.

LADOT is installing a new flashing signal in front of the Valley Glen school where crossing guard Delia Huerta Arrearan was killed.

As someone who walks her four-year-old to school using a flashing signal every morning, I can say with confidence: This isn't good enough.

Here’s the bollard that used to be in the “crosswalk” of the flashing signal I use with my four-year-old every day.

We press the button and wait, usually for several minutes.

It’s extremely rare to actually get all four lanes of traffic to stop while we’re crossing the street.

LADOT is testing some ideas for how to make streets around schools safer. But these projects are currently limited to 50 LAUSD schools.

We need these changes to be made immediately, citywide. 

This Wednesday is #NationalWalktoSchoolDay (it's also #CleanAirDayCA). Come show your support for students who have to use streets so dangerous they require superpowers to cross them.

They shouldn't need superheroes. They need elected officials who care.

Here's more on the new type of signal that was installed today where Delia Huerta Arrearan was killed.

It is better than the flashing signal LA uses now—but does someone have to die before your school gets one? 

Also—here's a thread that points out some shortcomings of HAWK beacons, with proposals for better pedestrian-focused solutions.

This is devastating. Another death today in an Oakland school zone. Please be warned, there is a very graphic video threaded in reply to the police information below.

Huong Truong, mother of two, killed in a crosswalk while walking her four-year-old niece home from preschool. It was a hit and run.

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