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Unicorn Vomit. Cotton Candy. Gummy Bear. Skittles.

Some teenagers who tried these vaping flavors thought they were just inhaling water vapor — not also nicotine, a chemical considered as addictive as heroin and cocaine.  https://lat.ms/2npvrJK 

Now, a mysterious vaping-related lung disease has doctors and parents urging the nation’s 3.6 million young users to quit.

It’s exactly the kind of crisis the Food and Drug Administration had warned of four years ago.  https://lat.ms/2npvrJK 

Instead, tobacco industry lobbyists met with White House officials as they weighed whether to include the ban as part of a new tobacco control rule.

The result: The Obama White House nixed the ban, according to documents reviewed by The Times.  https://lat.ms/2npvrJK 

If the FDA ban had gone through, the kid-friendly vaping liquids would have been pushed off store shelves.

Read more from @Emily_Baum:  https://lat.ms/2npvrJK 

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