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ahhh it's day 1 of #Inktober and people are actually drawing the weird AI-generated prompts! #AInktober

"tiny cod flames rise" is not a prompt i thought people would be able to draw, but wow

everything changed when the cod nation attacked

it's prickly skeleton!

that sweet little skull!

the determined red eyes!

aww the flames are composed entirely of tiny cod!

merging the #AInktober prompt "timeline" with the official #Inktober2019 prompt "ring" for utterly spooky effect

given that i have recently finished Gideon the Ninth, skull-related content pleases me

oh no #AInktober

pew pew #AInktober

This is hilarious. The tiny little cactus bud! #AInktober

OMG #AInktober


oh WOW loving the skeleton energy on this the first day of October and #AInktober

The fish schnozz!


This seems like it should be one of those New Yorker caption contests #AInktober

Sweet illustration for timeline! #AInktober

Really digging the fade ink effect

From tumblr user aviul. The fish is a wizard and that pleases me immensely. #AInktober  https://aviul.tumblr.com/post/188066013900/day-1-of-ainktober-using-the-prompts-with-the 

loving the shading on the scales

so tiny! so dangerous!

awww so sweet!

Haha points for using a neural net to respond to a neural net’s prompts! This looks really cool. #AInktober


Ahhhh I love it!

Dirigicod? Zeppelfish?

Thought from the preview that this was a turtle, and now I can’t stop seeing it

So. Cute!

Oh cool!

So many cod flames!

Oh COOL!! Just now noticed the creature at the left. I’d read this story.

this is so charming!

yesss more strange skeletons #AInktober

given how much #BigGAN enjoys distorting clocks, an unravelling clock in response to a neural net prompt is particularly apt

oh my GOODNESS the cod flames!

i like the matching bows!


oh, striking interpretation of "half fake"

so my original goal was to add all the #AInktober drawings into this thread but OH MY GOSH there are over 80 of you & I am delighted but also realizing what a huge task that would be.
I'll rely on the hashtag instead but feel free to reply to this thread w links to your drawings

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