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Credit to Dr. B @Lailaps777 for contributions to this dig. Thank you!

2 In July 1980, Jeffrey Epstein was featured as a Cosmopolitan “Bachelor of the Month.” The 27 year old Bear Stearns trader claimed to talk only to “people who make over a million a year” and solicited a reply from “a cute Texas girl.” 

3 In that same year, a young Swedish woman, Eva Andersson, was finding her way in the modeling world. Andersson, who grew up in a small Sweden town, Uddevalla, decided at 17 to travel to America, making New York her last stop. 

4 Eva claims Jerry Ford, who ran Ford Modeling Agency with his wife, Eileen, spotted Eva on the street and took her to meet his wife. Upon meeting the Swedish blonde, Eva claims that Eileen stated “I’m sending a limo down to pick up your stuff. You’re moving in with me.”

5 Eva’s modeling career took off when she was crowned Miss Sweden by 1980. The former Miss Sweden was modeling for Ford Agency when she met Jeffrey Epstein.

6 Another Epstein associate, Jean Luc Brunel, worked for the Ford Modeling Agency in the 1980’s as well. “Although multiple young women in a 1988 CBS News “60 Minutes” segment accused Brunel of sexually assaulting young models prompting Ford to sever ties" 

7 Though it is unclear how Epstein met Eva Andersson, it has been widely reported that the couple dated for years sometime in the early to mid 80’s. 

8 There is a report of one dancer who claims to have been flown “to Palm Beach in 1983 to teach Epstein and his guests ballet barre lessons and stretching. Two of the guests were Andersson- Dubin and another Swedish model with the Ford agency.” 

9 Epstein reportedly encouraged Andersson to quit modeling and focus solely on medical school. In 1989, Andersson received her MD from David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, and eventually went on to become an in-house doctor for NBC.

10 The former Miss Sweden reportedly has close ties with Swedish royalty. As the former nurse of Princess Victoria, Eva attended the christening of Victoria’s daughter in Stockholm & the Queen visited Andersson-Dubin’s Breast Center in New York, in 2012. 

11 Eva and Epstein remained close friends even after ending their romantic relationship. In fact, the former Ford Model lived at the now infamous Manhattan apartment building located at East 66th Street, owned by his brother Mark Epstein. 

12 The building reportedly housed Epstein’s business partner and former Ford Modeling scout, Jean Luc Brunel, along with as many as ‘4 girls to an apartment’ from the MC2 agency.

13 After her marriage to billionaire hedge fund manager, Glenn Dubin in 1994, the pair remained friends. Epstein even befriended Eva’s husband. They had several financial connections.

14 Epstein invested millions with Dubin, co-founder of Highbridge Capital Mgmt & was instrumental in the acquisition of the majority stake in Dubin’s hedge fund by JPMorgan Chase, which was run by Jes Staley, who is listed in Epstein’s little black book. 

15 Eva created Celina Dubin United Fund, after her daughter, in order to conceal Epstein’s donations to Eva’s breast care center. The Celina Dubin United Fund has the same bookkeeper as Epstein’s non-profits such as COUQ Foundation and Epstein Interests. 

16 Eva Andersson-Dubin’s connections extended beyond Epstein to Ghislaine Maxwell and Les Wexner. Maxwell and Andersson-Dubin were spotted at Bette Midler’s 60th Birthday Celebration at the Waldorf Astoria in 2005. 

17 Les Wexner’s wife “graciously invited the Dubins to use their boat [Wexner’s $100 million, 316-foot private yacht] for four days while Eva Dubin was recovering from breast cancer surgery,” which was quite out of the ordinary for Les Wexner. They must have been close.

18 Like Epstein’s co-conspirators, Eva Andersson-Dubin remained loyal to Epstein even after his release from Palm Beach prison. Eva wrote to Epstein’s probation officer explaining “I am 100% comfortable with Jeffrey Epstein around my children.” 

19 The Dubins played a key role in reintroducing Epstein to the Manhattan socialite scene after his release from jail. A source close to the Dubins stated Epstein was “the godfather of Glenn’s three children,” adding, “He’s tight, tight, tight with him" 

20 In a 2010 affidavit regarding a lawsuit, Glenn Dubin stated, “Epstein is both a personal friend of mine and a long-time investor in [Highbridge].” 

21 Unsealed docs revealed Epstein’s sex slave, Virginia Roberts-Giuffre, named Glenn Dubin in a 2016 deposition. Roberts-Giuffre stated she was trafficked by Epstein & Maxwell to have sex with the wealthy financier & implicated both Eva & Glenn in Epstein’s sex trafficking ring.

22 Furthermore, the unsealed documents reveal a disturbing testimony by the Dubin’s chef, Rinaldo Rizzo, who recalled an encounter with a 15 year old Swedish girl in the kitchen of the former Swedish model, Andersson-Dubin. 

23 Rizzo tearfully recalled the young Swedish girl was “distraught and shaking… literally quivering.” Rizzo recounted, “She sat down and sat in the stool exactly the way the girls that I mentioned to you sat at Jeffrey’s house, with no expression and with their head down.”

24 Rizzo went on, “She proceeded to tell my wife and I… ‘I was on the island and there was Ghislaine, and there was Sarah,’ and she said, ‘They asked me for sex. I said no.’” Rizzo’s testimony continued, “And at that point, she said she was threatened.”

25 The teen explained to Rizzo that Maxwell and Sarah Kellen took her phone and passport from her, while on Epstein’s island. She went on to explain that she was threatened by both Maxwell and Epstein to remain silent about the incident.

26 The teen ended the conversation with Rizzo, when Andersson-Dubin entered the kitchen & told the Swedish girl that she would be working for Eva as a nanny. Rizzo later encountered the Swedish teen aboard the Dubin jet to Sweden. The girl was dropped off at a Swedish airport.

27 Eva & her Swedish “nanny” weren't the only Swedes to play a key role in Epstein’s life. In 2002, Epstein received an award for “Best Male Support,” at the Female Economist of the Year scholarship ceremony held by Swedish exec & socialite, Barbro Ehnbom. 

28 Ehnbom awarded the title to Epstein “to honor a specific Friend who was extra helpful and supportive during the previous year.” Epstein donated $25K to the school through his Epstein Interests foundation as well as another $125K from 2005 to 2010 through his COUQ Foundation.

29 The Swedish born New York socialite, Barbro Ehnbom, is a self-proclaimed business executive in the world of high finance and pharmaceuticals, having worked as a Securities Analyst for L.F.Rothschild from 1979 to 1981, before founding Duhann Groupe Inc.

30 Her “financial planner” business, Duhaan Groupe, Inc. has a physical address in NY; yet the business does not appear to have any advertised website that I am aware of from my research. Like Epstein, I assume she must provide services to an exclusive group of elite clients only

31 Ehnbom elevates herself as an outspoken supporter of Swedish women in leadership roles, particularly in the areas of science and medicine, through the organization she founded entitled “Barbro’s Best and Brightest.” 

32 Both the “Female Economist of the Year” scholarship and “Barbro’s Best and Brightest” were founded in 2001, just prior to awarding Epstein the “Best Male Support” award in 2002.

33 Barbro’s Best and Brightest claims to be an “exclusive network” which is “by invitation only,” through which the “founding chairman Ms. Barbro C Ehnbom functions as a role model, mentor and promoter.”

34 “The network allows unique access to global business leaders while fostering personal relationships betw members as well as with network mentors.” No mention of a list of network mentors on the website but inquiring minds would like to know. Was Epstein ever a network mentor?

35 The photo gallery of this BBB website does provide insight, with photos of attractive young women dressed in red & black, mingling with older business-type men. Since my initial investigation of this “network” began, the site has been scrubbed of most of their pics. Curios.

36 One member of this “elite network” of so-called “talented ambitious young women” that Barbro brags about linking with her “friends in high positions in Swedish industry and abroad” does not quite fit the mold.

37 Before Sofia Hellqvist became a Swedish Princess, she was a waitress, model & reality show star. Prior to her marriage to Prince Carl Philip, Hellqvist was best known as a swimsuit model who won the Miss Slitz 2004 competition and later appeared on Paradise Hotel in 2005.

38 The story of Hellqvist’s chance meeting with the prince in the summer of 2009 in Bastad has been widely reported. The official story is Barbro Ehnbom was asked to take Sofia under her wing around 2011 to prepare her for royal life. 

39 However, bloggers & chat boards who follow the royals closely, allege that there is more to the story. They claim that Hellqvist was invited to join Barbro’s Best and Brightest well before her “chance meeting” with the prince in Bastad. 

40 This photo may offer some legitimacy to their claims. The photo is alleged to have been taken in Bastad at the time of Hellqvist’s meeting with the prince, destroying the narrative that Barbro met Hellqvist AFTER she moved in with the prince in 2011. 

41 You won’t, however, find this story or photo reported by any main stream outlet. If true, the story has been thoroughly scrubbed from the internet, with the exception of chat boards, many of which are written in Swedish. 

42 Like Eva Andersson-Dubin, Barbro appears to have a close connection to the Swedish royal family, as Sofia Hellqvist’s private “mentor." Sofia and her prince also attended Ehnbom’s annually held Swedish American Life Science Summit in Stockholm in 2011.

43 Ehnbom also supports the World Childhood Foundation, founded by Queen Silva of Sweden. Ehnbom and son were spotted at the Queen’s 2015 World Childhood Foundation Thank You Gala.

44 Andersson-Dubin and Ehnbom, who have played important roles in Epstein’s past, appear to intermingle in the same circles. The pair were spotted a couple of years ago at the Swedish UN Ambassador’s home, which is also the New York meeting point for the Swedish Embassy in D.C.

45 Barbro Ehnbom’s connections extend beyond royalty & politics to science, academia & medicine. She hosts the annual Swedish-American Life Science Summit, an invitation only event bringing together renowned executives, scientists & entrepreneurs" 

46 SALSS conferences have hosted speakers and attendees like “former CEO of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; the U.S. biotech guru Steve Burrill” and Dr. William Haseltine, “renowned Harvard professor and founder of Human Genome Sciences.” 

47 Dr. Canan Dagdeviren, an MIT Media Lab Assistant Professor, has appeared at SALSS conferences regularly as a speaker, panelist, and attendee — offering this quote from the audience of the 2018 SALSS conference in Washington DC 

48 "I have added another wonderful page to my SALSS experience book... I’m honored, humbled and beyond thrilled to receive a BBB necklace and be a part of this wonderful family"

49 It appears from Canan’s statement, that she is not only a SALSS regular attendee, but one of Barbro’s Best and Brightest. Members of this elite network of young women receive a necklace baring the BBB logo charm.

50 Considering the outrage over concealed donations by Epstein to MIT Media Lab resulting in the resignation of director, Joi Ito, I wonder if MIT Media Lab member & a member of BBB, Canan Dagdeviren, pictured with Stephen Hawking, is aware of Barbro’s connections to Epstein.

51 Several scholars have decided to leave MIT Media Lab over the revelations of their close connections to Jeffrey Epstein, including the testimony by Epstein’s sex slave, Virginia Roberts-Giuffre, who claimed that she was forced to have sex with their co-founder, Marvin Minsky.

52 Computer Scientist, Richard Stallman, came under fire over several leaked emails which appear to defend Marvin Minsky and characterized Roberts-Giuffre as “entirely willing.” Stallman also resigned. 

53 Harvard was thrust into the spotlight amid emerging stories of having received millions from the convicted pedophile. Among the most notable donations by Epstein would be the $30M pledge to Martin Nowak for the founding of Evolutionary Dynamics. 

54 Nowak later memorialized Jeffrey Epstein in several papers as well as a book written in 2011 entitled, “SuperCooperators: Altruism, Evolution, and Why We Need Each Other to Succeed,” in which he spoke fondly of their visit to Epstein’s pedo island.

55 Nowak recalled, 'Jeffrey was the perfect host. I asked a question about what it was like to dive in the waters around the island. The next day a scuba instructor turned up. When Stephen Hawking remarked that he had never been underwater, Jeffrey rented a submarine for him.'

56 Epstein’s commitment to fund the Evolutionary Dynamics program at Harvard immediately followed their trip to the island. Epstein said he was reluctant to have his name attached to the program, but Harvard President Larry Summers “persuaded” him.

57 A personal friend and doctor of pathology, who goes by the alias, Dr. B, recalled this encounter with a colleague who had an appointment at Harvard’s program for Evolutionary Dynamics and had co-authored over a dozen papers with Nowak

58 Dr. B recalled “My friend had no idea that some of his research was funded by Epstein and actually remembers the first time he heard Epstein’s name. It was when everyone in the department was freaking out about Epstein coming to visit."

59 Dr. B continued, "My friend cluelessly asked ‘Who the hell is Epstein and why is this such a big deal?’ It turns out Nowak was introduced to Epstein by Larry Summers, the current president of Harvard at the time."

60 "My friend, after looking back with new eyes over his previous interactions with Epstein had this to add: ‘Dr. B, if what you say is true, if all this is a blackmail honeypot operation and if it involves mind controlled slaves..."

61 "there’s 1 person who I can think of that even back then when I was oblivious to all of this gave me the creeps. A friend of Jeffrey’s named Barbro Ehnbom..."

62 "She’s a Swedish business woman who sponsored all these beautiful highly educated women she called ‘Barbro’s Best and Brightest.’ The way she introduced them and talked about them, it was like she was a madam.”

63 Dr. B went on to ask, “Who is this lady?!”

Who? Indeed.

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