Joshua Wong 黃之鋒😷 @joshuawongcf Activist from Hong Kong. Secretary General of @demosisto. Email: [email protected] Donation: Oct. 01, 2019 1 min read

<Firing that live round is not self-defence>

1. There must be a lot of people saying, “That protester seriously threatened the officer’s safety so the officer fired a live round.”

2. That claim does not tell the truth. As shown so clearly on many footages, that officer was walking towards, instead of walking away from, the protesters with his pistol in his hands. Therefore, it was not an act of self-defence but an act of aggression.

3. Even when he was given a variety of weapon choices, e.g. batons, pepper spray& rubber bullets, the officer still CHOSE to fire a live round at the 15-year-old kid holding his kick board, and therefore, this is not self-defence.

4. Firing live rounds at HK protesters should not be a surprise from the first day that so-called “HK Police” started calling citizens of HK “cockroaches” to dehumanise anyone opposing their brutality.

5. With hatred stemming from such dehumanisation & brainwashing by pro-Beijing disinformation campaigns, so-called law enforcement, who once took a solemn oath to serve public, have blindfolded by their eagerness to hurt black-clad protesters, whom they see as sworn enemies.

6. Hence, that act of aggression was a voluntary decision made by that officer. Stop telling lies about the dangers he faced at the scene or how stressed and frightened he was when he pulled the trigger. Such cover-up is just shameless and demoralising.

7. Cops who willingly kill HK citizens are just a product bred by those of you who chose to side with the totalitarian regime, and those of you who refused to stand with the people of HK in this fight for justice, democracy and the freedom from fear.

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