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1/ There are many reasons to consider this news major, but I want to state my own most significant reason: it underscores that there are counterintelligence and HPSCI investigations of Trump and money laundering ongoing that we don't know much about. I've been saying that awhile.

2/ One of the focal points of my research for the last year, only intensified 6 months ago when the Mueller Report came out, has been the idea that Mueller investigated only a single narrow crime, and that significantly more criminality is still being investigated as a CI matter.

3/ I'd no direct way to confirm this of course (given the nature of CI investigations) besides a rather conspicuous clause in Mueller's report, statements from the House and Senate intelligence committees, and also, most importantly, my own research into public records globally.

4/ Mueller said he left all CI info out of his report, which analysts took to mean the FBI CI probe was ongoing. The SSCI reported out that a full CI probe of Trump-Russia issues would take 10 years, which helped confirm the scope of the story. My own research indicated the same.

5/ All signs pointed to a *massive* and *ongoing* counterintelligence investigation researching significantly more crimes and crossing significantly more jurisdictions and courses of criminal conduct than anything Mueller wrote of. Articles on Mueller repeatedly implied this too.

6/ When I began researching PROOF OF CONSPIRACY I found data wholly absent from Mueller' report. There's a paragraph in my book in which I list all the major figures of this counterintelligence story whose names never appear in Mueller's report. A full list numbers in the scores.

7/ If you know Vol. 1 of the Report, you know the Report acknowleges how limited, narrow, and incomplete it is. Mueller repeatedly says the *couldn't get the evidence he wanted to get at* because of malfeasance by Trump witnesses, and that his report is just the best he could do.

8/ If you know Vol. 1 of the Report, you also know it details *wall-to-wall collusion* by Trump's campaign. The only thing it wasn't able to establish beyond a reasonable doubt (yet!) because of Trump-witness malfeasance was a criminal conspiracy. Media didn't tell America that.

9/ The attitude media had was that the second volume of the Report was easier for Americans to understand, so it almost never discussed the first volume. The *irony* is that media's failure to explain Vol. 1 to Americans led Democrats to give up on the evidence in *both* volumes.

10/ So this NYT story is someone besides me (and a few others) now pounding the table and saying there's an entire CI investigation America doesn't know about that could help finish the work of the Mueller Report and disclose the *full scope* of Trump's international criminality.

PS/ Anyone who's peered down the rabbit-hole understands what I'm saying about "the full scope of Trump's criminality." The FBI CI Divison has seen it. Adam Schiff has seen it. Mark Warner and Richard Burr have seen it. And all readers of PROOF OF CONSPIRACY have now seen it too.

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