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Trump and Putin finally got their way—as apparently quid pro quos, secret promises, and military invasions will work in the end. I wonder whether the people of Ukraine will stand for what was pretty obviously a deal struck as part of a larger bargain to drop sanctions on Russia.

1/ I'll repeat what I wrote for NEWSWEEK a week ago—the Trump-Ukraine story is a saga. Trump began negotiating with Ukraine over dropping sanctions on Russia in early 2017, using Cohen, Sater and Flynn—two of whom are now convicts and one of whom has been a convict for years now.

2/ Trump has been shaking down Ukraine across multiple presidential administrations for two and a half years. It's worked—4 Manafort probes were dropped; he's gotten Zelensky to appease Putin; he's working on getting fake Clinton and Biden dirt. This *isn't* about one phone call.

3/ Crikey, July 2019 isn't even the first time Trump has shaken down Ukraine over *Javelin missiles* and a *corruption probe*. Media must *stop* pretending this is about one phone call and educate Americans on the full history of covert Kremlin-friendly Trump-Ukraine shakedowns.

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