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i'm watching 31 horror movies this october again! like last year, it's a mix of classics from my watchlist/things that sounded cool/people's recommendations/new stuff, etc. i've never seen any of these. i'll be posting about each one and will try to keep the thread spoiler-free.

1. eXistenZ (1999) - i like that this movie grapples with pretty standard (at this point) questions about reality, art, technology, etc. but seems much more interested in the weird terror and psychosis of it all than getting stuffy with its philosophy. also, the bone gun. 👍

2. the borderlands/final prayer (2013) - surprisingly decent found footage about some guys investigating supernatural occurrences in a rural british church. no cheap jump scares, just slow buildup to a very unexpected ending. 👍

3. they live (1988) - ok i finally watched it. 👍

4. braid (2018) - this movie depicts a pcp overdose in one scene as a cute psychedelic instagram photo shoot. 👎

5. good manners (2017) - a dark fairtytale about social/class relations in são paulo. follows a nurse hired as a maid for a rich pregnant woman then totally changes course halfway in. some might hate the shift but if you don't mind a bit of melodrama/fantasy, this movie rules. 👍

6. pinocchio's revenge (1996) - the puppet looks progressively worse in every scene. the babysitter is italian just to deliver pinocchio facts. the movie has nothing to do with revenge. there are like five twists and none of them are very good. i love this stupid ass puppet. 👍

7. the rat savior (1976) - i had really high hopes for a movie called THE RAT SAVIOR. it was pitched to me as croatian invasion of the body snatchers with rat people. ended up being boring and possibly antisemitic?? idk about this one!! 👎

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