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These racist texts sent (and later deleted) by Amber Guyger will be considered by the jury in the sentencing phase of her murder trial resuming tomorrow.

The first text message thread is from Jan. 15, 2018 during the Martin Luther King Jr. parade in Dallas.

"When does this end lol," reads a text to Guyger.

"When MLK is dead… oh wait…” she responds.

“Just push them… or spray your pepper spray in that general area,” she says in a text while discussing the crowd at the parade.

In another text exchange, from Sept. 4, 2018, someone texts Guyger that she should adopt a German Shepherd.

“Although she may be racist,” the dog’s owner texts Guyger.

“It’s okay.. I’m the same,” Guyger responds.

“I hate everything and everyone but y’all," she later texts.

On March 9, 2018, Guyger texts with her partner, Martin Rivera, with whom she was having an affair.

"Damn I was at this area with 5 different black officers !!! Not racist but damn,” he says.

"Not racist but just have a different way of working and it shows," she replies.

The sentencing phase of the trial resumes at 10AM in the morning. The jury remains sequestered.

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