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We're hearing many stories of Rosh Hashanah sermons blaming the rise of antisemitism on "the left" and praising @bariweiss' book on antisemitism.

If that was your synagogue, send your Rabbi @chick_in_kiev's new, powerful review of the book.  https://www.thenation.com/article/bari-weiss-how-to-fight-antisemitism-book-review/ 

"For someone who is just 35, Weiss sounds an awful lot like an old fashioned cold warrior, and her anticommunism has the stale smell of a House Un-American Activities Committee hearing room about it."

"Ultimately, Weiss’s sole gift as a thinker is her ability to smuggle right-wing talking points into the perspective of a self-described “reasonable liberal.'"

The arguments her book endorses "demand a racialized paranoia from Jews concerned about anti-Semitism. In the end, her vision of the world undermines the possibility of solidarity between Jews and others who are marginalized, thereby cutting out a powerful locus of allyship."

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