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I personally have seen the media put Trump on TV approximately 100 times calling his own illegal and impeachable phone call with Ukraine "perfect." Meanwhile, I've heard Democrats describe what was wrong with the call 100 different ways.

There's a serious messaging problem here.

1/ It's simple:

1. Trump demanded a more "reciprocal" US-Ukraine relationship.
2. Ukraine asked for Javelin missiles.
3. Trump replied, "I'd like you to do us a favor, though."
4. Trump asked for a probe of Biden.
5. Ukraine agreed.
6. Trump gave the military aid.


2/ And I'll say something else: the explicit nature of the quid pro quo between Trump and Ukraine, which I'd note is exactly the agreement Putin wanted Trump to make with Ukraine, is *exactly* what was called Conspiracy to Commit Fraud on the United States in the Mueller Report.

3/ Dems should be able to seamlessly list the 10 crimes committed by Trump and his team (that we know of so far) in the Ukraine scandal. They should be able to seamlessly list the 3 additional impeachable offenses. All Dems should be working from the same list. It's Politics 101.

4/ Trump's kindergarten-level messaging is actually exquisite as a matter of political rhetoric. It's simple, easy to get, memorable, readily repeatable in any forum, and *100% bullshit* that people won't be able to catch because they don't know enough about the underlying facts.

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