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Trying to navigate Threads over here

Those right-drag conversational collapsable cards are something else

Swipe up for the camera and then swipe up for not the camera ☝️

Fun to see this in the wild, finally. It comes packed w/ Facebook’s quirks, but it is some of the best work coming out of that company. In the long run of the social media experiment, messaging will prove healthier than the feed — & this is better than DMs  https://www.theverge.com/2019/10/3/20895368/instagram-threads-messaging-app-close-friends-ios-android-text-photo-video 

Really, though, it is based in decisions that don’t align within Facebook’s ecosystem. The work is still Snapchat’s — and in the weird UI for weird’s sake, you can feel that, something trying to be something else, following the path because that’s the only way they have seen work

Threads still competes with Instagram and Instagram DMs. I couldn’t tell you and can’t understand how it intersects w/ core Instagram, where the features do and do not align. I think that will be its downfall — the ever-weight on preservation, rather than confident evolution.

But Threads is a better messenger for Instagram, and maybe that will be enough for it to gain traction. Insta’s history says otherwise, & Messenger may have simply been the outlier, an artifact of smartphone saturation & paradigm shifts, not the computational truth of debundles.

“Threads opens to the camera to inspire user creation.”

“But I just wanted to see the meme?”

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