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I was trying to understand the Paltrow, Williamson, Oprah connection. I think I have it...
Another Jenn Diagram.

The GOOP event in New York I attended was easily 33% mysticism. Which shocked me until I read Williamson's book on weight loss (dedicated to Oprah) and her depression book (simply horrible).

Williamson uses the word "spirit" in so many ways and of course this is what GOOP acolyte Anthony Williams does, he speaks with a ghost called spirit to sell you terrible books that are promoted on GOOP.

Mysticism is so side show carnival. It is the core of Williamson's beliefs. Also the idea that "If you believe it enough it will happen for you." I mean, no.

And Paltrow takes the mysticism to the text level but ACTUALLY FEATURING MEDIUMS. Did you kmow you can come back from the dead with love from your dead brain? I learned that at GOOP. And @darakass was there and can back me up!

If you believe in God that is totally fine. But Williamson makes God and the Holy Spirit into a New Agey thing to see books and self help advice. Also, She met Jesus at a cocktail party. Like met him.

On her first Podcast Paltrow interviewed Oprah who told her she was on the right track with her quest to bring alternative medicine mainstream. I mean that takes research to make it medicine, buy I digress. And now Paltrow is interviewing WIlliamson.

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