Jennifer Siebel Newsom @JenSiebelNewsom First Partner of California. Filmmaker behind @representpledge and the @maskyoulivein, founder of @therepproject. Married to @GavinNewsom and mom of 4! Oct. 03, 2019 1 min read

It is no secret that women do a majority of the child rearing, spending on average 14 hours a week on child care, but this reality should not keep women from running for office. That’s why I am so excited that earlier this week, @GavinNewsom signed #SB220 into law. 1/5

This means that candidates running for office in CA can now use campaign funds to help offset child care costs. With record numbers of women running for statewide and national office, this is a critical step forward to level the playing field 2/5

and to make running for office a real possibility for so many women who otherwise would not be able to. We desperately need more women’s voices in leadership, and this is a big step forward to getting there! 3/5

Thank you Asm @BuffyWicks, Asm @LorenaSGonzalez Asm @RobBonta for championing this cause through the legislature- I know it is an issue close to your hearts. 4/5

And @GavinNewsom, thank you for creating a better world for our kids and always showing them that there are no limits one what they can become.

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