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Imagine streaming video service which allowed you to you watch Michael Mauboussin speak for an hour a day on a topic like expectations investing.

Then imagine nothing to detract from that like people blathering about market noise like they were announcers at a basketball game.

2/ What is more instructive for investment analysis – determining value or expected return?

What is the difference between “cheap” and “mis-priced”?

What is the difference between a great business, a good business and a bad business?

3/ How can we evaluate when a business and/or an industry’s mid-long term economics change?

How can we evaluate company specific structural mis-pricings that exist?

How can we categorize investment opportunities to improve how we value and define them?

4/ How can we define a process to source mis-pricings into investment categories?

What are the commonly used valuation methodologies and which are most instructive for certain situations?

What is the most effective framework for modeling a business and what are the pitfalls?

5/ How can we evaluate management’s history of capital allocation?

How important is it and how do we factor this into valuation?

What top-down inputs are instructive for a security analyst?

What lessons have we learned from previous bubbles?

6/ Can computing and evaluating asset class expected returns help source where a security analyst might find mis-pricings and compounding opportunities?

How do we evaluate secular headwinds or tailwinds for industries and businesses? 

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