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If you’re going to read the news, read 5-10 articles on a subject.

Read different journalists.

Look for different perspectives.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to understand what’s actually happening.

I take a barbell approach to the news.


I consume almost zero news. But I’m obsessed with the Boeing 737 Max story.

I’ve read 30+ articles and just finished a 4,500 word essay about it.

News stories come alive when you see all the perspectives.

There is ZERO training on how to read the news.

Once we finish school, the news is the #1 way we learn about the world.

We shouldn’t assume that all strategies for consuming the news are equal.

There are good and bad ways to read the news.

No doubt about it.

Instead of consuming the news, the news consumes us.

We used to value people who were well-read.

Now we value people who are well-informed.

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