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So San Francisco DA George Gascón just announced his resignation, a month before the DA election, and now Mayor London Breed is talking about appointing an interim replacement.

If she does that's likely to be Suzy Loftus, the candidate she's endorsed in the race.

Last year, Mayor Breed appointed Faauuga Moliga — the candidate she endorsed — to a vacant seat on the San Francisco Board of Education, just three weeks before election day. Moliga ultimately won the seat, and many accused the mayor of putting her thumb on the election scale.

Mayor Breed said in a statement tonight, “We can’t afford to have an absence of leadership in the DA’s office because victims of crime need to be represented and people who commit crimes in our city need to be held accountable.” 

That strongly suggests she is going to do the same here. It's an abuse of power. Let her know we're not gonna stand for it.

Tweet @LondonBreed; Phone: (415) 554-6141; Email: [email protected]

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PS. Prosecutors don't represent victims of crime. Prosecutors represent the state. Mayors should know that.

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