Joshua Wong 黃之鋒😷 @joshuawongcf Activist from Hong Kong. Secretary General of @demosisto. Email: [email protected] Donation: Oct. 04, 2019 1 min read


Anti-mask law, reportedly effective midnight, marks just the beginning. Real danger is invoking Emergency Regulation Ordinances. Using colonial weapon from HKGov & CCP to announce emergency state is ironic.

1/ It is no less harmful than the extradition bill as virtually the law gives CE mighty power to impose whatever she & Beijing like to — more arbitrary arrest and search, extending dention to 96 hours or more, banning internet access, de facto martial laws are highly expected.

2/ Even working class already marched in Central & Taikoo during lunchtime today. #CarrieLam clearly didn’t learn from her mistakes. We know well that the law would not deter protestors from taking to street. Further public outcry is escalated by the govt.

3/ Her resolve to stop further protests is extremely harmful to the real interest of HK - economic freedom, civil liberties recognised by the int’l community. It becomes crystal clear now neither Beijing nor #CarrieLam intends to protect HK's business environment.

4/ As I said earlier, October 1st marked the day security forces — HK police or the People’s Armed Police (PAP) took over HK. No doubt HK had fallen into a police state. World leaders should act now to stop a brewing humanitarian crisis in HK.


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