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More transparent posturing to China from Apple. Don’t forget that they, a Vision Fund investor, are still hosting Saudi Arabia’s Absher wife-tracking app on the App Store.

There is a dark truth in this.

There is some precedent for these App Store denials. When pressured by Congress in the early days of the App Store, Apple removed apps that crowdsourced police and speed trap locations for drivers. Yet, today, that same feature is available in Waze, bundled by a big tech company.

It’s evident that the strident App Store policies are a risk to society & markets, not just to the trust & security of the garden. Given the bundling of Waze, & what Tumblr existed as for years, why is it that the big bundles roam more free? What if HKmap was Facebook’s feature?

It would be a challenge to build the App Store resembling iMessage’s philosophy, that separates broadcast promotion & distribution from capability. But it is not impossible. The barrier is one of Apple’s anti-porn moral compass — that aptly ignores human trafficking & censorship.

We don’t know the backstory of the Uighur iOS exploits, of why the FBI alerted Apple, but we can assume it was never caught in iOS telemetry. Exploits in the wild for yrs, invisible from the walled stack. Is the open App Store a threat of security — or is it one of market access?

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