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"Kalanick bought a Shanghai-based startup called Jike Alliance, one of the leading players in China’s kitchen-rental market... [His] team also has bought five other kitchen and property-related companies in Beijing, Hangzhou and Chengdu"  https://www.theinformation.com/articles/travis-kalanick-looks-to-china-for-cloudkitchens-expansion?shared=c1bd1ce600e5f833 

Will be really interesting to see if CloudKitchens can survive China. The mafia that Uber China created is still underrated — and Kalanick seems the most daring to enter this increasingly hostile market that has had a history of burning Uber with fraud.

All of the sane players are receding, and Kalanick and Musk seem to be betting a lot of their future on China. Have to give them credit for that daring commitment. If they win, they could reshape the multi-lateral tech dynamic and rewrite some of the incoming market rules.

Worth noting that China's CFIUS-like body oddly only targeted the food sector. Delivery is somewhere where Chinese Tech has uniquely blown past the world — & we may see CloudKitchens battle w/ that pride, while food prices are spiking in this near-downturn

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