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In 2009, Brazil’s largest beef processors pledged to rigorously monitor their supply chains and stop doing business with ranches destroying the Amazon.

But a decade later, the Amazon is in even graver danger.  https://lat.ms/2VdoIzb 

Now, 17% of the Amazon’s forests is already gone. Cattle ranching remains the biggest driver, responsible for 80% of the deforestation. 📸: @Vinncent  https://lat.ms/2VdoIzb 

This year has been especially bad for the Amazon as more than 70,000 fires ⁠— most set by farmers and ranchers to clear land ⁠— have accelerated the pace of deforestation. 📸: Victor Moriyama/AFP/Getty Images  https://lat.ms/2VdoIzb 

The failure of Amazon monitoring agreements shows the need for political will if the Amazon is to be saved.

Experts say that pledges and laws dedicated to saving the Amazon amount to little if authorities are not dedicated to enforcing them.  https://lat.ms/2VdoIzb 

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