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Not just environmental safeguards, but workers’ and consumer’s rights as well.

Rights aren’t for other people. Everyone’s rights will be chucked on the bonfire by this Government as soon as they’re no longer guaranteed by EU membership.

In IT they say that if data isn’t backed up to 2 other places it may as well not exist.

The same goes for rights.

EU membership is the backup for our rights for when our own Government tries to delete them. And it will if it can. It can hardly wait to.

Brexit takes away rights directly.

It takes away the rights of @the3million EU27 Citizens in the UK and a million and a half UK citizens in the EU27.

It takes everyone's right to Freedom of Movement.

But even more importantly, Brexit takes away the guarantees of rights we now have to equal treatment, to a safe workplace, to fair employment, to safe products, to a safe environment.

Without guarantees, the rights that took decades or centuries to get can be gone in a flash.

Do you trust this Government? Do you trust whatever future Government happens to come to power in the next 5 years, the next decade, or the next half century?

Stand up for your rights. Stand up for everyone's rights.

Come to Rally 4 Our Rights on 12th October in London and tell the Government and those campaigning to remove your rights that you won't stand for it.
#R4OR @Rally4OurRights 

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