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(NOTE) Israeli Joel Zamel confessed to Trump adviser and current federal witness/defendant George Nader that he ran a disinformation campaign in 2016 to help Trump. Zamel's attorney is Marc Mukasey...

...a Giuliani "confidant" and the attorney for...

...the Trump Organization.

1/ Durham is investigating nonsense while we have Israeli election interference, engaged in with the knowledge of Don Jr., that we've no clear sense of ANYONE investigating. At some point the lack of federal investigation of this is aiding and abetting a national security threat.

2/ You want an impeachable quid pro quo? In 2016 Benjamin Netanyahu's office introduced the Trump campaign to election-interferer Joel Zamel *just as Trump was promising Netanyahu confidant Sheldon Adelson that he would move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem*.

3/ And do you know which American media outlet reported *two years ago* that the Trump family *knew* Joel Zamel was going to interfere in the 2016 presidential election *before* he did it? An obscure little publication called *The New York Times*. It's all in PROOF OF CONSPIRACY.

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