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Found out these pods are available in London only. I’m in London today, leaving tomorrow. This is my live tweet adventure to find Glenlivet capsules. All advice accepted.

As far as we can tell the Glenlevit capsules are at Tayēr + Elementary bar in London. They have no phone number, only an email. No reply so I’m about to FreeNow over. What do you predict is my success rate for getting my hands (mouth?) on these capsules tonight?

In the car now, crossing my fingers they haven’t sold out of Glenlivet capsules for the evening by the time I arrive. There are 3 flavors: citrus, wood, and spice. My bet is on spice. @stripofmist bets on wood. Strong bet.

Just pulled up to Tayēr + Elementary. This is the moment of truth. Will I be allowed in without a reservation? Will they be out of Glenlivet capsules?!

Not only did we get in (!!!) we got the @TheGlenlivet capsules for free!!! (to be fair, they come with a meal lol). Ok, now time for reviews...

Me and @StripOfMist were surprised to find out they were cocktail pods not straight whiskey, which makes a lot more sense. High proof whiskey shots in a capsule would be intense. Also surprised that Citrus was our favorite @TheGlenlivet cocktail 😱

In case you’re wondering what it looks like to actually take one of these @TheGlenlivet capsule pods to the face 😂🥃😅...

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