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I'd add: its *state-run* white supremacist terrorism problem.

Even in the unlikely event that this key witness' murder is a totally unrelated coincidence, law enforcement has been infiltrated for decades by white supremacists, and this is known.

Meanwhile we send forces to police fellow Americans as if their cities were occupied territory.

ICE raids hospitals, schools, workplaces.

Then they dispel the rumors that they'll be at polling places—because they don't have to show at polling places. The rumor was enough. The point is: hide.

Deportation was the secondary point of the raids.

The first was terror.

The point is terror. The point is stay out of public spaces. The point is be afraid to vote.

The point is white supremacist terror.

The point of video after video of white people yelling at brown people in stores to leave their country is terror.

They see that the state has begun their own campaign of white supremacist terror, and they take it upon themselves to self-deputize.

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