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The leverage reaches the NBA.  https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-basketball-nba/chinese-basketball-body-halts-cooperation-with-houston-rockets-over-offending-tweet-idUSKCN1WL04T 

Truly embarrassing to be an American right now. It’s hard to believe we’re arguing whether billionaires should exist, while capitalism is pushing our values in front of a bus. No wealth tax could solve this.

They're laughing at us.

“Chuck Salituro, the senior news director of ESPN, sent a memo to shows mandating that any discussion of the Daryl Morey story avoid any political discussions about China and Hong Kong, and instead focus on the related basketball issues.”  https://deadspin.com/internal-memo-espn-forbids-discussion-of-chinese-polit-1838881032 

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