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ChromeOS (and Chromebooks) continue to get better with each software update. Contrarian prediction: they will grow to 10% market share in 5 years, following a similar path to Chrome browser 

Simple, fast, no bloat, most important data in the cloud.

Kind of amazing that Windows has 87% market share since I know only maybe 2 people in the world who use it. Good reminder that there is are totally different norms around how people use computers most places in the world.

Not everything is better in ChromeOS of course. The hardware still lags Apple in build quality. And I wish Google Drive supported encrypted folders/drives that were only decrypted client side.

There are a few other usability quirks that still need to be worked out. But the potential is there.

I think the idea of having something like Dropbox or backups to copy your files to the cloud will seem old fashioned at some point. There is no need to run Dropbox on your phone, because everything is cloud native. Should be the same for laptops.

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