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I'll tell you all, it's extremely hard to do a national interview on a cell when your own words are reverberating loudly in your ears as you speak. Fortunately, the Trump-Russia and Trump-Ukraine analysts with the least knowledge of the situation all have *excellent* connections.

Pun intended.

It shouldn't be so goddamned hard to get accurate information to the public. During the interview before mine on the channel I was on I actually heard a person (in-studio, great connection) say that the Mueller Report found "no collusion and no obstruction." It went unchallenged.

We're getting the major-media landscape we all agreed to: folks who live in major cities who haven't done the research to understand what the hell they're talking about drowning out the research and words of those of us who live elsewhere and do. An incredibly frustrating night.

I give Skype audio and video interviews on a T1 dedicated institutional line from New Hampshire and nevertheless always find myself disadvantaged to those who happen to live close to a studio. It's like trying to yell the truth about a national emergency into a goddamned mitten.

Every day major-media figures backchannel me to access my research—to have me explain things to them—and then they go on-air and talk live to people who happen to live in New York City or DC or Los Angeles and have done 1% of the research I have on Trump-Russia and Trump-Ukraine.

Goodnight, all.

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