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Honestly, there's a lot of things right now that I normally would have commented on, this would've been a weekend with a couple of very long threads if I wasn't so utterly worn down by transphobia.

I'm only happy that I can provide a space that isn't hostile with my streams.

Somebody came by the stream chat today and mentioned the thread that Mermaids put out this morning, and how they were glad they could pop by to watch. If you've wondered why I've been pouring so much effort into my Twitch streaming, it's exactly this.

The constant flood of hatred and transphobia grinds us all down, and while I have spoken up a lot about these issues before, I never had the luxury of doing so from a detached perspective. It is personal, targeted hate that is coming for me and my friends and it broke me.

And I quite honestly know that I've been letting people down by not commenting on the weekly deluge of anti-trans hatred, some folks have said as much; that I was too distracted with shitposting... but I just bluntly haven't been able to, it was wearing me down.

Focusing more on gaming? That has, to use the parlance of our times, been giving me life. It's been an absolute joy every single time someone tells me they love a game I recommended. That's what I want to do. Be a voice in gaming that is an alternative to the toxic dudebros.

And if I can, with my streaming, provide a space for others to get away from the hate and transphobia? Then it's absolutely worth doing and putting my all into. That's what I've been trying to build.

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