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Zuckerberg 2016: "the idea that fake news on Facebook swung the election is pretty crazy"

Zuckerberg 2019: "If you wanna swing an election, we're there for you"

In 2020, Facebook will use the 46 minutes you spend daily to show you lucrative micro-targeted political ads.

Each can be specifically targeted to you on Facebook based on your phone number or email.


That's one of the reasons why Trump currently spends *millions* in YouTube ads to ask his supporter for their email and phone number.

Democrats might be doing the same. If they don't, they lower their chance to win. 3/

Each ad will be tailored to you so accurately that it will feel like something you genuinely care about.

But it will be designed to manipulate you to vote in the desired direction. 4/

There's one way to protect yourself: don't spend 46 minutes per day on Facebook.

For that purpose, I unfollowed 95% of my "friends". My timeline is ultra short. I cut down my Facebook time from 1 hour per day to 5 minutes.


I saved 1 hour per day, and Facebook lost $.15

If you have too many friends, you can use the chrome extension Nudge to unfollow them all


The business model of Facebook is toxic. It's designed to bring maximum value to advertisers, not users.

You're not even the product being sold, you're the rocket fuel - according to former Zuckerberg advisor @Moonalice


We're already in the Matrix: the AI of Facebook decides which friend we should see, and which one we shouldn't.

We power this AI by watching ads. But we have nearly no control over it.


By the way, here is what AI expert François Chollet from Google thinks about Facebook's AI:

Combine this billboard and their change of policies allowing fake news in ads:

Zuckerberg is proposing to use Facebook to swing election with fake news

In case you were wondering what's happening on Instagram, this great thread show that it might be even worse:

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