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Apple TV+ is free.

The only reason it "bills" at $5 is to signaling value in a later Apple Prime bundle.

Also why Apple wanted the rumored (and excessive) $10 monthly. It wouldn't have mattered except to claim more savings later.

One of the many advantages in such a bundle is it gets customers buying things (1) They would benefit from; (2) Have real marginal costs, so can't be free; (3) But Apple really wants.

Such as iCloud or Apple Care

$10 Music
+$5 Video
+$5 Cloud
+$5 Arcade
+$5 News
+$7 Care
For $25 (v $37)

+ $40/month for iPhone, replaced annually
+ $3/month for AppleTV, replaced every three years

Etc., Etc.

Wrote in Q2'18: 

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