Teri Kanefield @Teri_Kanefield Author, Lawyer (U.C. Berkeley) My threads are here: terikanefield-blog.com/ Bio here: terikanefield.com/about-me George Papadopoulos called me deluded Oct. 07, 2019 1 min read

1/ I want to point out again the problem with this.

The criminal code is inadequate to talk about impeachment violations.

The Trump-Fox-GOP wants this to be about the criminal code instead of national security and the kinds of things the framers were worried about.

2/ The criminal code was intended for the kinds of routine crimes people commit.

Impeachment is about abuse of power.

See chapter 2 -4 in this book 👇

If the discussion is about which crimes are committed, Trump wins.

Yes, he broke laws. But . . .

3/ . . . violations of the criminal code are petty compared to trading foreign policy for personal gain.

Please see:

When the argument is over the elements of the criminal code, Trump wins because we're allowing ourselves to be misdirected.

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