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I'm so glad Mattis's book, which says nothing about anything—much like Mattis, right now, in the middle of a national crisis, is saying nothing—is attractively priced at $16 on Amazon, while PROOF OF CONSPIRACY, which gives the context for today's harrowing Syria news, costs $25.

1/ Never let it be said that corporate decisions don't have consequences. Hundreds of thousands have read a book Jim Mattis had ghostwritten by a guy and that reveals *nothing* about *anything*, but because of Amazon's algorithms, PROOF OF CONSPIRACY is harder for some to afford.

2/ Anyway, it is what it is, I just don't know why a professor in New Hampshire is right now being 1000% more candid about Trump's foreign policy and its origins and dangers than a man who (like me) swore an Oath to protect and defend the Constitution but now is sitting *silent*.

3/ This much I'm certain of: Amazon should make PROOF OF CONSPIRACY more readily affordable for those with modest budgets, given the current national emergency and the fact that Amazon pricing on some level determines—rather than merely being responsive to—a book's audience size.

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